To have sufficient life energy and vitality available – this is what the talisman of modernity stands for.

The TALISO unfolds its harmonizing effect due to fed-in frequency information from the natural vital spectrum of healthy people in harmony with nature.

Unfortunately, this connection often disappears in hectic times.

Finally, there is an individual solution in the form of the first frequency-based talisman – TALISO –  which contains a high-performance silicon crystal inside.
  • Developed by an international research team in the field of advanced energy and information medicine.
  • Made in the EU on behalf of IQ-WELL®


On extremely storable silicon crystals optimal frequencies for all aspects of body condition are stored unchangeable.


  • has fascinated many people since time immemorial
  • played an important role in their lives
  • has given protection and strength,

because our life is not always optimal ….

Therefore, it is useful and convenient if we then receive targeted support.

Instinctively we know ourselves in which concrete area positive power and new energy are needed.




Discover the revolutionary approach to your well-being. Now quite easy to apply by wearing on the body..


TALISO balances your energetic state and gives you strength. With the general frequency spectrum you recharge yourself.


Moreover each TALISO has special frequencies to use for specific organ systems. Activate targeted regeneration processes.


TSimply wear TALISO around the neck or on the wrist. Drinks can be informed / charged with the TALISO. Stay vital during the application.

6 categories
with 28 models
for different purposes

Energy management and body feeling
  • Premature aging, energy status, fatigue, regeneration
  • Antistress, fears, burnout, psycho-emotional balance
  • Mind Optimization, Memory, Learning, Focus
  • Vitality, individual metabolic optimization, metabolism, digestion
  • Hyperactivity (ADHD), nervous, mental moods, test anxiety
  • Rejuvenation, skin smoothing, firming, optimized collagen synthesis
  • Restful, deep sleep
  • Weight optimization, correcting eating behavior
Libido and sexual attractiveness
  • Male sexual organs, hormones, libido
  • Male sexual attractiveness, male pheromones
  • Sexual attraction of women
  • Female hormones, libido, fertility
Protection, balancing upper body
  • Autoimmunity, allergies
  • Respiratory tract, bronchi
  • Protect viral and bacterial infections
  • Hypothyroidism
Bones, joints and teeth
  • Osteoarthritis, joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, swelling
  • Teeth, teething, oral flora
  • Flexibility, flexibility of ligaments and joints
  • Bones in general, including jawbone, osteoporosis
Optimization at the organ level
  • Uric acid excretion, ph value
  • Hypertension, blood viscosity, anemia, oxygenation cells
  • Cardiovascular, microcirculation, thrombosis, lymph
  • Liver, bile, parasitic load, stomach, intestinal tract
  • Excretion, detoxification, cleansing
  • Function of kidneys, bladder, urinary tract
  • Fungus, Candida
Healthy pets
  • Balance of dog health and vitality


The IQ-WELL® TALISO is a world novelty in the field of energy and frequency medicine. Here is a brief overview of the special features.


TTALISO balances your energetic state and gives you strength. The containing spectra interact with our body system.


Wear TALISO around the neck or on the wrist for long-lasting use. The modern energy jewelry can be used inconspicuously.


Each TALISO has a highly effective frequency spectrum designed for a specific application in different areas.


On the silicon germanium chip, a large number of broad spectra are stored, which are additionally stably sealed against external influences. This makes it interchangeable at any time and can be used by many people or passed on safely.


Since low energy is needed to emit the frequencies, TALISO generates it from your body heat.


In addition to the special frequency spectrum, each TALISO has frequency spectra of an optimally functioning body.

How does the IQ-WELL TALISO medal work?

All material, including living organisms, emit their own specific electromagnetic frequency spectrum into the surrounding environment. Today, scientists have developed equipment specifically designed to carrying out this type of analytical measurement (scanning) of any substance.

Thanks to this innovative technology, now it is possible to permanently copy any material’s frequency pattern into a programmable, patented Silicon germanium crystals on a chip. We are also learned through our evolution that certain herbs, earth minerals, water, and environment can beneficially influence our bodies vital functions. These energy patterns were recorded for TALISO from live herbs, mineral crystals, and healing waters in an ecologically clean environment. Scientists have identified further the ranges of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum that normally corresponds with our cell tissues, organs, physiological processes, and states of the body.

This patented SiGe chip within the IQ-WELL TALISO medal can permanently store these recorded and multifold combined information of particular energy patterns. The various IQ-WELL TALISO medals can interact effectively with the living organism bio-energy fields. As soon as the TALISO medal surface comes in contact with heat (of our normal body temperature), the crystal generator inside starts to broadcast its recorded / programmed frequency information pattern. Therefore there is no external energy source required and the medal has an nearly unlimited life span.

By maintaining the normal vibration of cells and tissues in the healthy frequency range, it is possible to activate and support the body’s own self regeneration capabilities.

Thanks to the specially combined Frequency information, all TALISO medals have a general corrective effect as well as a targeted effect on the information and regulation signals of our body cells. This makes it possible to use TALISO medals both for maintaining the general level of health and for activating the regeneration processes for certain organs and tissues.

Wear the pendants around the neck or around the wrist, begin with two hours a day and gradually increasing the wearing time over a three week period. Take a 1-2 week break before repeating. Take one day break after wearing the pendant every 6th day.

Another good feature: IQ-WELL TALISO medals are of a non-metallic watertight case. Therefore they can be placed in the water, they are 100% waterproof. Structured, specifically energized water can support the body’s overall balance very efficiently as it is known by world-wide research.

Made in EU

Can be worn by ages starting from 6

Non invasive, ultra soft energy transmission

Taliso am Arm
"One of my dear friends has a high staggering blood pressure, he suffers greatly and was having difficulty adjusting to his medication, he wore the Taliso 756 without any improvement, then he attached the pendant to his wrist three times a day for 15 minutes and consumed it the water programmed by Taliso, and the fluctuations stopped within two days. "
Peter K.

Taliso 756 - blood pressure

"When I was spiritually very low,  Taliso helped me a lot. I cannot explain what it did, but after 30 minutes, when hooked to my neck and drank a glass of  Taliso 796 water, I smiled at the world. Unfortunately, I often have mood disorders (after child-birth) and Taliso always gets me quickly up."
Valeria M.

Taliso 796 - Anti-stress and Balance

"In my view, these TALISO medallions are those subtle influences that cause the body to choose the most optimal path, ie, to strive for a particular structure of the interaction of the individual systems of the body." This structure can ensure that the necessary reconstructions and formation In these followers, the unspecific harmonizing effect is combined with targeted effects on specific organs and systems of the body, which form the basis for the adaptation of the individual organ and the organism as a whole in ever-changing habitats."
Larissa Rybina

Senior Researcher at the Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., doctor of the highest category of functional diagnostics

"My patient came to me very tired, he had trouble breathing, I quickly put the Taliso 379 pendant on his wrist and then switched to the Taliso 144 pendant for 10 minutes each, after which he felt fresh and ready to go to our program start."
Doris (naturopath)

Taliso 379 and 144 -difficulty breathing and circulation

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